Meet Our Staff


Jennifer - Certified Optometric Assistant:

Jennifer has been in the healthcare field for over 13 years. Her experience and compassion in dealing with patients has branched out to include the world of eyecare. Her appreciation and love of glasses and style bring an enthusiasm to every patient's needs. Jennifer’s management and customer service experience in both the health care and private sectors allows her to ensure that the patient experience in our office is unmatched elsewhere. In her down time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and decorating the house.

Emily - Licensed Optician:

Emily is a licensed Optician and has been working in her profession for almost 20 years. Emily prides herself in her “old-school” work ethic and craftsmanship. Emily is responsible for the majority of the custom optical lens production for both our Richmond Hill and Bolton offices. It is Emily’s goal to create a pair of glasses that fit you properly, allow s you to see better than you ever have before, and makes you smile every time you put them on. Emily is fluent in English, Hungarian and Romanian. In her spare time, Emily enjoys the outdoors and listening to music.

Katelynn - Optometric Assistant:

Katelynn has been in the customer service industry for over six years. With a background in cosmetology and hairstyling she enjoys working with patients to feel comfortable and confident with their frame selection. Katelynn enjoys being involved in the process of giving patients better vision and seeing the world in a new way. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and pets.

Melina - Optometric Assistant:

Melina has lived in Bolton for over 25 years. She has many years of experience in the optical industry. A highly qualified and confident individual, she enjoys assisting our patients in finding the perfect combination of frames and lenses to meet their lifestyle needs. Melina not only takes into account what frames fit you well and look great; but will also consider your prescription, lifestyle, and ocular health to make appropriate lens recommendations. Melina invites you to come on in and let us know how we can help you with your vision.

Natashia - Certified Optometric Assistant:

Natashia has been Bolton resident for over fifteen years. She's often the first smiling face you'll see when you come in for your visit. She enjoys being a part of your full scope experience.  Having worked in the beauty industry for over 7 years, coupled with her designation of certified optometric assistant, she is able to provide feedback not only on the frame design that best suits your personal style but inform you also of suitable lens options that are available to you. Natashia enjoys an active healthy lifestyle.

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