Dear patients,

Happy New Year!  We hope you enjoyed some time off during the holidays to rest and relax! This edition of our newsletter will cover the importance of comprehensive eye examinations, a new product to help with fogging this winter, and some information about our exciting new equipment at the Bolton office.

A comprehensive or full eye exam from an optometrist is analogous to a routine, physical check-up from your family doctor. Unlike a simple sight test, a comprehensive eye exam includes the assessment of the health of your eyes from front (eyelids, cornea) to back (retina, optic nerve), and your visual system.
As the pandemic continues, our doctors have made the safety of patients and staff their primary focus. Therefore, to limit close contact at the slit lamp in the examination room, until further notice our office has implemented a mandatory retinal imaging policy with all comprehensive eye exams. The retinal image is a photograph of the back of the eye, taken with a special camera. The test emits no radiation and is safe for all ages. The image is a digital record that our doctors can review from visit to visit, to monitor changes in the back of your eye that may indicate early signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.  Retinal imaging is not covered by OHIP and does come with a small fee.


Fogging is undoubtedly the arch-nemesis of all glasses-wearers, especially with having to wear masks this past year; but it is always more of a nuisance during the wintertime. Our office now carries Fog Blocker, available as single-use wipes, or reusable cloths to help with this problem! Fog Blocker products are formulated without soaps or alcohol, and are effective on all lens surfaces. A single application can provide 48-72 hours of anti-fog; and they can also be applied to face shields and safety goggles. Ask our staff to demonstrate this product the next time you are in the office!


If you have already visited the office for an eye exam, then you will have already met one of our new pieces of equipment! This device consists of an Auto-Refractor and a Non-Contact Tonometer. The Auto-Refractor objectively measures your prescription; this measurement is used as a starting point or additional data in determining your glasses prescription in the exam room. The Non-Contact Tonometer checks your eye pressure with a small puff of air, and replaces the manual device the doctors have previously used to check your eye pressure, thus reducing close contact between your optometrist and you.

We have also brought in a new Visual Field Analyzer, which allows us to perform a wide variety of tests to assess peripheral and central vision, which are important for monitoring the risk of certain eye conditions such as glaucoma and hydroxychloroquine maculopathy. 

We are excited to bring a higher standard of care with this new technology!



Thank you for reading the Winter edition of our newsletter! Stay tuned for our Spring newsletter. 

Until then, we wish everyone health and happiness!   




Dear patients:

       Welcome to our Fall Newsletter! In this edition we would like to provide more information about the Ontario Association of Optometrists’ job action and our annual donation month in support of Optometry Giving sight. Lastly, we have some important news to share with our Bolton patients.


As you may already be aware, our office, along with hundreds of optometry practices in Ontario, has been participating in job action since June to call on the Ontario government to provide more support to optometrists in providing eye care to OHIP-eligible patients. We’d like to address a few frequently asked questions:

1) How are optometrists losing money in seeing patients?

OHIP covers eye care for children up to age 19, seniors over 65, and patients ages 20-64 with certain health conditions such as diabetes. The average cost of an eye exam (including staff pay, equipment, and other overhead costs) is $80; OHIP only pays at $47 for each covered exam, thus optometrists have to cover that difference out of their own pockets. As the population ages and more of our patient base will be covered by OHIP, this loss will grow, and will not be sustainable for our practices!

2) I’m not covered by OHIP and pay for my eye exams out of pocket. Why does this matter to me?

This lack of funding may not affect you today, but it probably affects people you know - your grandparents, parents, children, other family members, and friends. And if the system continues as it has for the past thirty years, it will eventually affect your eye care, too - many years down the road when you're a senior, in a few years when you develop a chronic eye condition, or even tomorrow if you were to have an ocular emergency.

3) What are optometrists asking for?

We are asking the government to come to a solution with us that allows Ontarians to maintain their eye care support through OHIP, while allowing us to reach a sustainable solution. With proper funding from the government, we can build a solution that works over the long term and protects crucial access to eye care for all covered Ontarians.

We would like to thank everyone who has already signed our petition in office, or sent a letter online! If you would like more information or to send a letter to the Ontario government, please visit www.SaveEyeCare.ca.


Optometry Giving Sight is an organization that our practice has been donating to annually in support of their efforts to provide eye care to those in need. Their initiatives include training local eye care professionals; establishing schools, vision centers and optical labs; and delivering eye exams and low- to no-cost glasses. Every October, we host a donation month to raise funds to support OGS. We understand these are hard times for everyone, so any donation is greatly appreciated, and all donations will be matched by our office!


Our dear Dr. Nicol is officially retiring after over forty years of practice. He was highly respected in the field of optometry and by his patients, and he will be dearly missed! Dr. Nicol would like to thank everyone for their years of loyalty to his office and wishes all his patients the best as they continue to visit us at Bolton Eye Care! We wish Dr. Nicol all the best in his many years of retirement.

Thank you for reading our newsletter! Look out for our next newsletter in the Winter. Until then, we wish you good health and happiness.  


Dr. Daniel Rayman & Associates

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter! In this newsletter, we would like to share with you some staff news, important information from the Minister of Health and some spring fashion trends!

Deanna, our newest optometric assistant, joined our office in June of 2017 and brings with her over 10 years of customer service experience. She will often be one of the first people to greet you with a warm smile when you arrive at our Richmond Hill office and will also be helping out occasionally in Bolton.  Deanna is very enthusiastic about the optometric field and loves assisting our patients pick out great sets of lenses and frames that best suit their personality and lifestyle.  This fall, Deanna will be enrolling in Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant Program. She is very excited to further her education in the optical field and to be able to better assist our patients.  

Some of you may have already met Donna, our newest member of the vision therapy team. We are happy to have Donna onboard and can now offer even more availability to our awesome vision therapy patients!

Many of you have had the pleasure of having their exams with Dr. Lindsay Gallowitz, our newest doctor.    Dr. Gallowitz was born and raised in Richmond Hill. She completed her Doctor of Optometry with honors at the University Of Waterloo School Of Optometry. Dr. Gallowitz received training in ocular disease management and therapeutics from the Lebanon Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Pennsylvania, as well as completed clinical rotations in contact lenses, binocular vision and pediatric care. She has also travelled on mission trips to Peru and Honduras, where she provided eye examinations and glasses to patients with limited access to eye care. Dr. Gallowitz likes to spend her free time with family, reading a good book, or hitting the ski slopes in the winter. She looks forward to keeping your eyes healthy and seeing their best!  We have received very positive comments about Dr. Gallowitz from patients about her warm and thorough approach.

Vision Health month takes place in May and the Government of Canada website has issued an announcement through our Minister of Health on the matter:

May is Vision Health Month, an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of reminding all Canadians to take action to prevent avoidable sight loss, including getting our eyes checked regularly. Good vision is a critical building block in child health. For children, vision loss can have a negative impact on their development and learning. For other Canadians, including seniors, vision loss can make it more difficult and costly to live independently. 75% of vision loss can be prevented through simple measures. A comprehensive eye exam does more than test your vision; it can also detect symptoms of severe diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, brain tumours, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cancer. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that adults under 65 have an eye exam every two years while people over 65 should have their eyes examined every year. As for children, they should have their first eye exam between 6 and 9 months and school-aged children should have an eye exam annually.
This Vision Health Month, I encourage Canadians to learn more about how they can protect their eyesight.

The Honourable Jane Philpott, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Health

We couldn’t agree more with the Honourable Jane Philpott and encourage all of our patients to remind friends and family of the importance of having their eyes examined regularly.

Spring Fashion! A headline we will see a lot in the coming months. But spring fashion doesn’t stop at shoes and clothes, sunglasses and glasses have become big accessories lately for people with and without prescriptions, and that is where we come in. Glasses in every shape are in style this season; round, aviator, cat eye, square, very small, very large- you name it!  The trend seems to be statement pieces with dramatic defined looks.  If you have been looking at glasses lately you may have noticed some of the top designers have gone very unique and bold with their frame styles with very vintage looks that have an edgy twist. We invite you to keep an eye on our social media pages where you will often find samples of our newest looks available at the office. We invite you to come in and try some on, take pictures and compare which ones you like best. Bringing a decisive friend or family member that knows you well can be very helpful and fun! Our assistants are always available to guide you to make a great choice that not only looks great but that suits your lifestyle and vision care needs, taking all factors into consideration.      

In conclusion we thank all of our patients that enjoy reading our quarterly newsletters. We hope you have enjoyed this season’s content and have learned something new! Our next newsletter will go out in early July. Have an excellent start to your spring season and we wish you all happiness, good health and good vision!


Dr. Rayman and staff

Dear patient,

We welcome you to our first newsletter of 2018! In this season’s newsletter we have some exciting news to share with you. Firstly, January is a month devoted to bringing attention to Glaucoma Awareness and we would like to share with you some very important information about this. Also, we have an exciting new frame line we will be introducing this month. Lastly, we wish to share with you information regarding a few changes at our offices.

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, glaucoma is called “"the sneak thief of sight" since there typically are no symptoms in early disease and once vision is lost, it's permanent. As much as 40% of vision can be lost without a person noticing.  Important to note is that when you have glaucoma, the first type of vision loss develops in the peripheral vision, so you may not even begin to notice until significant vision loss has occurred. What is glaucoma you may ask?  Glaucoma is described as a group of eye diseases that gradually steal sight without warning.  Although the most common forms primarily affect the middle-aged and the elderly, glaucoma can affect people of all ages. Vision loss is caused by damage to the optic nerve. This nerve acts like an electric cable with over a million wires. It is responsible for carrying images from the eye to the brain. There is no cure for glaucoma—yet. However, medication or surgery can slow or prevent further vision loss. The appropriate treatment depends upon the type of glaucoma among other factors. Early detection is vital to stopping the progress of the disease.  With regular full comprehensive eye examinations and close monitoring by your Doctor of Optometry, treatment plans that can slow the progression of glaucoma can be implemented to improve your continued quality of life. Always remember, that although you may not feel you need an eye exam because you are having no noticeable problems with your eye health or vision, glaucoma is a “sneak thief”. Regular full eye examinations are the best and only way for early detection to be possible.

“Persol”-in Italian that means “for the sun”-what a fitting name for the Italian made designer brand offering incredible sunglasses that we are introducing this month at both our locations. Persol has stood the test of time being one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world. Nevertheless, both their ophthalmic and sunglass frames are by no means old styles; they range from vintage to classic and everything in between. If you are browsing online and find a Persol frame you like that we don’t have in-office, please note we have access to ordering them for you at great prices! Persol frames are all made in Italy and hold a fine quality often lost in today’s manufacturing. Be sure to visit our social media sites for images of what has arrived!

Lastly, we would like to share some exciting news!   As some may have read in our previous newsletters, we had a new doctor, Dr. Lindsey Gallowitz, join our Richmond Hill practice. We are excited to announce she will now also be seeing patients at our Bolton location every Friday.  She will be in the office from 9:00am to 5:00pm to better accommodate our patients for appointments and eyewear dispensing. This also means that Dr. Rayman will be able to better accommodate our Richmond Hill patients as he will now be able to see patients there on Fridays from 9:00am to 6:00pm. We hope these changes will serve you all well.

Until the spring we wish you all happiness, health and vision!


Dr. Daniel Rayman, Associates, and Staff

Dear Patient,

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter! We hope you are all ready and excited for the warmerweather! We also hope you will find this season's newsletter both interesting and informative.

As some of you may already know, Sunday April 2nd 2017 was World Autism Awareness Day.Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. The following is a statement from the Autism Research Instituteregarding the relationship between autism and visual learning; “Just as language and motor skillsare achieved through a sequence of developmental stages, vision must also follow a progression of development. An infant is not born with the visual abilities that he will need in order to function successfully in his world. These abilities must develop through a variety of experiences across a period of time. At any point during this process, the visual development may be hindered, altered or completely stopped, sometimes by injury, illness, emotional trauma, lack of appropriate stimulation, or other unidentified causes. When language and/or motor skill development is interrupted, parents and teachers seek to identify the problem and intervene with therapy or training activities designed to assist the child in overcoming the delay. A similarapproach is available to parents of children (or to adults) who have inadequately developedvisual abilities.” The organization further pointed out the benefits of treatments such as VisionTherapy by stating: “Vision therapy may correct or improve visual functioning conditions whichwill otherwise continue to interfere with appropriate development and learning. Sometimes thechanges occur quickly and dramatically; more often, the individual will make gradual progress,with spurts of more rapid growth mixed with short periods of regression, typical of normaldevelopmental progression. A great many parents have reported positive results with visiontherapy.”

We are pleased to inform you that our office manager and CCOA (Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant) Jennifer took part in an extensive continuing education seminar this past month to gain new information about the benefits of visual therapy for people that have autism. Dr. Rayman and Jennifer form a highly-skilled team with the capability to help individuals withautism develop their visual abilities.

Natashia, who is one of our optometric assistants, took part in a continuing education workshoppertaining to her CCOA certification program and was able to gain a greater appreciation for thetraining involved to become a Certified Optometric Assistant and looks forward to hercertification exam in June.

Spring often brings fresh new looks and styles, and we are pleased to announce our Bolton office has introduced the Kate Spade Ophthalmic line of frames to our collection, and are glad our patients are very much liking their feminine and dainty design aspects. We now offer the entire Kate Spade line at both of our locations.

Another exciting announcement: We have now teamed up with a company called EyeconX. Thiscompany will be providing services to make booking, confirming and recalling your upcomingappointments fast, convenient and user friendly. For our patients already subscribed to ourappointment services through Demand Force, we thank you for using this feature and do hopeyou will enjoy the new service EyeconX will be providing for us. A great aspect of the service isyou will have the option to choose which form of automated confirming you would prefer, youcan choose from an SMS (text) message, an email, a phone call, or any combination of these.Also available in these emails are links to our social media sites, as well as options for certaincalendar apps to sync your appointment directly into your personal or family calendars. Wegreatly appreciate your co operation as well as your feedback as we make this transition to better serve our patients and stay up to speed with advancing technology. We hope you enjoy the service as much as we do!

Lastly, we would like to sincerely thank all of our patients that take the time to read this quarterly newsletter. We hope you have enjoyed its content and have found it beneficial for you and your family. Our next newsletter will go out in early July. Until then, we wish you happiness, good health and good vision!


Dr. Rayman and staff

After a lot of hard work with EyeMotion, our website company, we’re pleased to be launching our brand-new website.  Our goal has been to create a site that would assist you in learning about us, whether it’s finding our location or email form, reading about our wonderful eye doctors, or discovering some of our quality products and services.

Have questions about an eye issue?  We think you might also benefit from our great optometric content on eye diseases and conditions.

Our plan is to use this area to keep you informed on new offerings, sales, trunk shows, events, and so much more.  Check back here from time to time to keep updated.

We’re glad you found us, and we hope to see you soon!